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Here’s a tip: never trust a jackass in preppy clothing.
The phrase “trust me” should have been my first clue to hightail it out the door, but hindsight is always 20/20.
So there I was, on a stage with two other men, being asked ridiculous questions by a woman I couldn’t see, but whose voice made my pants tighten—and not around my ankles.
Before I knew what was happening, I’d signed up for six weeks in paradise, isolated on an island for forty-two days with a complete stranger. And when I finally laid eyes on the sexy brunette who belonged to that voice, a part of me thought this wouldn’t be so bad.
I’ve always been a levelheaded guy. I am a successful, smart, and shrewd business man. But that was when I was listening to the head above my shoulders. Once the blood traveled south, I always ran into trouble.
She called me Mr. Wrong, and that was fine with me. Lesson learned: lust always trumps logic.